Some recent major public protests in London

London support for Imran Khan   Kashmir Protests in London (2014-2016)   Anti-racism day 2019  National demo against Fascism & racism  Our NHS is 70 – Celebration & Demo  Windrush demo  Solidarity with Palestinians London March & rally against racism  PCS march and TUC rally against pay cap  Save our NHS,  Save our Hospitals  Citizens’ Rally in Trafalgar Square   Stop Killing Rohingya protest  Grenfell protest – Resign now  Protest against Theresa May & DUP deal   Defend EU Migrants’ Right to Remain  National NHS demo in London  Stop Trump   No to Trump   United for Education  Stop arming Saudi   Refugees are welcome here  Refugees welcome here march    March & Rally for Education   March for Europe   Keep Corbyn demo  Axe the Housing Bill   Stand with refugees – aid to Calais   Bursary or Bust2  Anti-racism day 2019  Put It To The People Brexit demo  Trump not welcome here  No to racism    Justice for Grenfell   TUC march and rally 2018  Protest against anti-Muslim attacks in Sri Lanka   National march & rally for Palestine No Nuclear War   Social Housing, not Social Cleansing   Stand Up to Trump Protest  Fair Funding for All Schools   Not One Day More – Tories Out demo  No to Trump’s wars   London March Against Racism   Refugees Welcome Here   Save Our Steel Protest   Housing is a Mental Health Issue   Supporting junior doctors   Austerity  March   ‘Resign Cameron’   No forced academies   Stand up to racism   Disability cuts   Kill the Housing Bill   Stop Trident   Junior doctors protest   March against the Housing Bill  Save NHS Bursaries   Stop Bombing Syria   Don’t Bomb Syria